UUJF Achievements 2018

Kindra Muntz - Friday, December 28, 2018

UUJF Achievements, 2018
With names of key members leading the effort

  • Sponsored our 2018 UU Justice Florida Legislative Days in Tallahassee January 22-23.  42 registered from 13 UU congregations in Florida.  Keynote speaker was Desmond Meade, President of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, and Chair of Floridians for a Fair Democracy that headed up the campaign for Amendment 4, the Voting Restoration Amendment. UUs statewide worked diligently in 2016 and 2017 to gather petitions to put this on the ballot in November, 2018. On the night of January 22, Desmond, his wife, daughter and colleague Neil Volz, who were all with us in Tallahassee, learned the campaign had just reached its goal.  It was an historic occasion for all!!

  • Promoted and facilitated the 4th Annual Florida Interfaith Climate Actions Network Assembly, held in June, 2018 in Orlando. Jan Booher.  (See UUJF Climate Resilience Ministry achievements below).

  • Urged congregational efforts in support of the UUA’s 2016-2020 Congregational Study Action Issue (CSAI) The Corruption of Our Democracy.  Kindra Muntz

  • Approved a Resolution to support Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (  Steve Jens-Rochow

  • Expanded the Salsa data management system to include a separate list of climate advocates.  David Johnson

  • Initiated a monthly UUJF newsletter including information from Florida UU congregations about their coming social justice events.  Martha Hartgering and David Johnson

  • Inspired 20 UU congregations out of 46 in Florida to become Congregational Contributors to UU Justice Florida, or support us via Share-the-Plate, or both.   All.

UU Justice Florida Action Network Achievements, 2018

  • Promoted Amendment 4 statewide and nationwide.  UU phone banks were scheduled monthly, along with tabling with pledge cards in congregations asking people to commit to vote for restoring ex-felon’s voting rights.  Flyers to encourage nationwide UU support were given to CUUSAN (Coalition of UU State Action Networks) leaders at General Assembly, 2018 in Kansas City. UUs for Social Justice in the Capitol Region became active participants in phone banks. UUJF supported efforts of Roots Action and the League of Women Voters. Brigham Johnson

  • In conjunction with other supporters statewide, helped pass Amendment 4 November 6, 2018.  This restores the eligibility to vote to over 1.4 million ex-felons, excluding murderers and sexual offenders. Brigham Johnson and All

  • Created Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC) amendment talking points. David Johnson

  • Expanded our email list by encouraging UUs statewide to sign up on our Action Network list  David Johnson and all

  • Sent targeted emails to UUs in specific legislative districts to impact key bills as they move through the legislature.  David Johnson

  • Endorsed an enhanced process for impacting legislation by encouraging members of UU congregations to schedule pre-session meetings in January or February with their State House and Senate elected officials, in their local offices, to establish personal relationships with legislators and introduce UUJF and its core issues.  As new legislation is filed, UUJF supporters will receive targeted email Action Alerts with talking points and contact information.  David Johnson

  • Added a 3:00-5:00 PM Discussion and Question Session at our 2019 Legislative Days March 11 in Tallahassee, so that interested participants can review bills and ask questions prior to the official 5:00 PM start of Legislative Days. David Johnson

UUJF Climate Resilience Ministry Achievements, 2018

Jan Booher, Director of the Climate Resilience Ministry

Legislative Advocacy

Hurricane Resilience

  • Secured a $10,000 grant from the Fund for UU Social Responsibility for Stormdrain Awareness and Hurricane Preparedness in Dunbar, Ft. Myers
  • Provided mentorship and technical support for natural leaders in Shorecrest, Miami and Dunbar, Ft. Myers to participate in the Florida Disaster Resilience Initiative, resulting in $10,000 hurricane resilience grants for each community from the Community Foundation of Miami (New Florida Majority as fiscal agent)
  • Immediate and ongoing support for Hurricane Michael victims in coalition with the Florida Disaster Resilience Initiative (FDRI)

Liaison to Florida Interfaith Climate Actions Network

Outreach and Movement Building

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