Beyond social justice--a statewide newsletter?

Kindra Muntz - Friday, August 07, 2015

"Is there an Editor in the House?"
How about some GOOD news from REAL people? 

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Could there be a statewide BREEZE?

Could you be part of the publication team?


If interested, please contact Reverend Bud Murphy at, 386-846-1840 to help get the team started.


I was so sorry to learn that the Northeast Cluster Breeze is discontinuing publication with the August issue.  The Breeze won the Florida District Media Award for Best Newsletter in 2014.  It was well-deserved!

This email is off-topic from our social justice issues, and is not about a social justice newsletter,  but could be of value to Unitarian Universalists statewide, who might want to share celebrations, opportunities and achievements of all kinds with each other.  Who knows?  Interfaith and secular friends might want to partner with us on activities of common interest as well.  This is an opportunity for talented Unitarian Universalist editors and publishers to “show their stuff” and consider opening up new worlds and new connections for us all.

Thanks so  much to Joyce Levi and Chris Reid for publishing such a magnificent newsletter for so long for all of Northeast Florida, from Jacksonville to Gainesville, Summerfield, Eustis, Orlando, all the way down to West Melbourne and Vero Beach, then up the coast to Ormond Beach and St. Augustine.


The good news is, whoever takes on publishing a statewide newsletter will

  1. start out with 16 correspondents ready to go in Northeast Florida.
  2. be able to design and shape the newsletter as you wish.
  3. have consulting help from Joyce and Chris as desired.
  4. have help from your friends to promote the newsletter:  e.g. We may be able to spark interest in the new statewide newsletter among the 678 folks on our statewide UU Justice Florida e-list, in addition to congregational contact lists, the Southern Region Newsletter,  and other venues.  This could attract correspondents from the other 30 UU congregations in Florida.  

Please email to see sample issues of the Breeze, if you haven't been on their mailing list,
consider the possibility for starting a statewide newsletter for UU congregations, and contact Reverend Bud Murphy at, 386-846-1840 if you want to find more about this opportunity. Together we can strengthen each other, and open new worlds for UUs in Florida and all people of good will.

Together we can make a difference!




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