Maps help us visualize the impact of issues statewide and nationwide. They help us understand why education of the public is so important, and why we must continually improve our outreach to voters on their rights and responsibilities, clear understanding of the issues, and the tools and skills for civic engagement.

Some Unitarian Universalist congregations nationwide were able to apply for a Low Power FM community radio license during the window of opportunity at the Federal Communications Commission in 2013 with the help of and  In Florida the only congregation we know of that was able to do this was the UU Fellowship of Charlotte County.  Congratulations Port Charlotte! 

Another even easier form of radio outreach is internet radio.  Port Charlotte currently has an internet radio program in partnership with an internet radio station in North Port.  The UU Congregation of Venice also has an internet radio station,  Please let us know if your congregation has an internet radio station, or would like to start one.

Internet radio can be another good way to share our Unitarian Universalist values on the web, strengthen our community relationships, and promote civil discourse and the common good.