ALERT:  This proposal by the Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC) would raise the requirement to pass a citizens' initiative to 60% of those voting in an entire election, rather than just 60% of those voting on an amendment, making it more difficult for citizens to have an impact on government.  Please attend the public hearing on this issue March 13, and speak out.  Here's the notice:

CRC-notice of public hearing March 13, 2018 CRC-notice of public hearing March 13, 2018 (160 KB)

Our challenge is to build a just society that supports the human yearning to be free from oppression and to have equal opportunity to pursue one’s dreams and aspirations.


Specific areas for action and support at state and federal levels:


Transparency in Government

*   Hold government officials accountable for their actions.


Tax Fairness

*   Support progressive tax policies and a simplified tax structure.


Corporate Personhood/Campaign Finance Reform

*   Reduce influence of money and special interests in making public policy.


Representative Democracy

*   Support reforms to increase voter participation and restore voting rights for ex-felons.


Immigration Reform

*   Support policies that appreciate diversity and increase inclusivity.


Human Rights

*   Support equal protections for people of color and members of the LGBTQI community. Espouse ‘Black Lives Matter’. Address bullying, bigotry, discrimination, hate crimes and xenophobia.  End institutional racism.


Constitutional Protections

*   Preserve freedom of speech and association, religious expression, equal protection, rights to privacy and a free press.



*   Encourage and promote competitiveness, equal opportunity in employment and workforce training and development. Eliminate corporate welfare and bloated expenditures on defense. Support ‘Clean Energy’ and ‘Green Building’ industries.