Climate change is caused by the build up of greenhouse gases in the upper atmosphere. Unfortunately, human activity has caused rapid increase in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that are causing Earth to warm. Climate change is acknowledged by 97% of peer reviewed scientists. Corporations and individuals with vested interests in fossil fuels that create greenhouse gases—oil, gas and coal--are the primary deniers of climate change, because they continue to profit from fossil fuels, and it is in their financial interest to finance misinformation campaigns to confuse the issue. 


The Koch Brothers and other oil industry magnates fund TV ads, cable TV and talk radio hosts and their own highly paid “experts” supporting the oil and gas industry to persuade people to vote for legislators supporting BIG OIL, and elect government officials who provide them tax breaks. Sadly they fund too many members of Congress and industry regulators who are supposed to be protecting us, and affect elections at the state and county level right down to school board.  They fund professors in colleges who sign agreements to support their philosophy. They are trying to shape what is taught in public schools to bend the minds of young people at an early age.

Events like the 2010 BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, unabated sea level rise in Miami and DelRay, saltwater intrusion in the St. Pete watershed, and pollution of Indian River Lagoon keep happening. Our Florida legislature is not doing enough to protect our natural resources and the living environment in our state for years to come. They are not even funding Amendment 1 as passed in 2014 by 75% of voters of Florida, to acquire and restore conservation and recreation lands.

We must continue to educate people about the connections between BIG MONEY--BIG MEDIA-and the BIG PROBLEMS we face in protecting the health and safety of the people and the planet. 

Learn about the issues. See the organizations listed in our RESOURCES section. See films like Koch Brothers Exposed, Inside Job, OutFOXed, Broadcast Blues, Shadows of Liberty, and Shock Doctrine for perspective on how people are being influenced. Share your thoughts with others in letters to the Editor, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.  SPEAK OUT to your legislators, your neighbors and friends. SPEAK OUT to your local officials with interfaith partners and other concerned citizens. SPEAK OUT at meetings of your City Council and County Commission.  Our elected leaders must hear our concerns.

Then study the candidates at all levels, and what they and their Party stand for, and VOTE in all elections. Our VOTE is our VOICE.  If we don't VOTE, we can only complain, and watch the damage to our environment continue.