In 2016 UU Justice Florida expanded a Climate Change Adaptation project already in progress, to additional locations on the East and West coasts of Florida, to prepare people in vulnerable communities to cope with sea level rise, and to gather data to encourage our legislators to address climate change comprehensively.

LATEST RESULTS  (7-22-17):

Palm Beach County, FL has listed UUJF’s community climate resilience building toolkit as one of the "What You Can Do" items on its Climate and Sustainability page. Text on the Palm Beach County website reads: 

Educate yourself and others about the public health effects of climate change and how to stay safe and healthy as the climate changes using the Community Tool Kit on


UUJF's Rising Together: Temperature, Water, Health and Strength climate resilience ministry has helped congregations, and their partners in vulnerable communities, open dialogue with municipal and county governments to address the public health impacts of climate change in their communities.

The outreach materials and methods used in Rising Together projects were developed at the UU Fellowship of Boca Raton with funding from an EPA Environmental Justice Small Project grant, and vetted by Climate Change Coordinator of Palm Beach County Natalie Schneider, as well as the county Public Health and Emergency Services Departments.  


For a concise explanation of the pilot projects in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, see the poster submitted in partnership with the City of Delray Beach for the 8th Annual Southeast Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit’s Climate Initiatives Showcase. Additional Rising Together projects pairing UU congregations with leadership in vulnerable communities have been completed in West Palm Beach, Sarasota, Naples and Ft. Myers.