Please contribute to our UU Justice Florida Action Network.

This is the growing network of UUs and friends who add their voices on specific legislation and ballot initiatives and take timely actions together with interfaith and secular partners to bring a religious and moral voice to our state legislature.

JOIN US in Tallahassee for our annual Legislative Day, where we meet with our state legislators and see the Florida House and Senate in action.

DO IN-DISTRICT VISITS to your Florida legislators during the year with other concerned citizens to show them we are paying attention and want them to act on behalf of THE PEOPLE.

MAKE TIMELY PHONE CALLS  to legislators from home on specific issues.  Together we can make a difference!

Recent Actions

In 2015 we helped block bills that would have allowed concealed guns on college campuses.
We opposed bills that would allow fracking in Florida and allow corporations to conceal the chemicals they use in that process.
We supported a bill that would allow civil citations for juveniles for minor offenses instead of criminal penalties.

Prior year achievements

2011:   working with members of other faiths and partners such as the Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC), we blocked an Arizona-style anti-immigration bill in the Florida legislature.

2012:  we helped register voters and get out the vote.

2013:  we gathered petitions for Fair Districts Florida to put that amendment on the statewide ballot in November.  In August, 2013, we held rallies for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Jennifer Toth, Campaign Manager for the Standing on the Side of Love Campaign, toured Florida and gathered UUs for in-district meetings with legislators around the state.

2014:  we continued to press for Comprehensive Immigration Reform and the end of deportations. In March of 2014, 28 UUs and interfaith partners delivered a joint statement on Medicaid expansion from 36 interfaith leaders to all members of the Florida House and Senate. We must continue to speak from our faith as people of deep moral conscience on the issue of health care for all, and for bills for voting rights and all civil rights, and for the health of our planet.

2014: UUs partnered with Florida's Water and Land Legacy campaign, the UU Ministry for Earth, interfaith and secular public-interest organizations to support Amendment 1 on the ballot in November, 2014 to protect Florida's environmental lands.  UUs partnered with the South Florida Climate Coalition to fight for bills to counteract climate change and sea level rise.

UU congregations across Florida are joining others around the country to pass resolutions for Move to Amend,, to restore government and free speech to the people and curb the tsunami of money from transnational corporations and billionaires that is drowning this country.  Corporate personhood is "the Mother of all issues."  The corporate money flowing into ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council) supports bills for Stand your Ground and against women's reproductive rights, GLBT rights, voters' rights, and protections for our health and our environment.  We must amend the U.S.Constitution to remedy the problem of corporate control of this country and highlight the extreme actions of state legislatures and governors. 

Together we fight for legislation to protect our democracy, our health, and our planet. Please join our growing list of activists and donors who are bending Florida toward justice.

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