Delray Beach, Florida
Phone: 813-968-2972

After supporting social justice efforts for many years at the UU Church of Tampa and Spirit of Life UU in Odessa (FL), Brig followed a job to MA and attended the UU Church of Medford for a year.  There, Dan McKanan's leadership of the "Resistance and Transformation" curriculum made a strong impression about the history and power of UU activism.  Upon following another job to Santa Monica, he read 2011-2012's Common Read (The New Jim Crow) and felt blown away.  (He writes about it at  This catalyzed a period of even stronger social activism before returning to Florida (Boca Raton) in November, 2015. 

In Florida, Brig recognized the proposed 2018 Voting Restoration Amendment as imminently worthy of social justice support given the longevity and injustice of the disenfranchisement clause in Florida's Constitution.  He has gathered hundreds of ballot petitions and initiated several social media feeds including and to advocate for the amendment.  He is planning additional effort that people in Florida and nationally can pursue to help the amendment win passage in November, 2018.  Stay tuned!

Brig studied Industrial Engineering at Stanford University and currently works full-time as a software developer.  He is married and has four grown children.