Jacksonville, Florida
Email: david@uujusticefl.org

I'm married with two grown sons and have been a UU for over 40 years.  I served on the Connecticut Valley District Board and have served as President of both the Pittsfield, Ma. and Buckman Bridge UU churches.  In 2002 I transferred my membership to the UU Church of Jacksonville and became actively involved in denominational, Florida District and social justice affairs.  I, along with other members of UUCJ and other peace minded individuals in the community, was instrumental in forming a group called Wage Peace as a means for expressing our opposition to US involvement in Middle East wars.  I have also served as a Study Circles facilitator which was a program sponsored by the Jacksonville Human Rights Commission to encourage dialogue and improved relations between people of all races.

In the spirit of full disclosure, while I am a strong advocate for social justice issues such as gay rights, prison reform, transparency in government, education and a sustainable environment, I am also very conservative when it comes to fiscal and economic issues and the role of a big bureaucratic government as a means for solving societal and community problems.