3rd Florida Interfaith Climate Assembly

Date: 28-Apr-2017


  • Climate change is perhaps the most important issue for the future of our planet.  The Third Florida Interfaith Climate Assembly “Florida:  Water is Our Life” will be held April 28, 2017 at the First United Methodist Church in Orlando, Florida. Registrations will be open March 1 at www.interfaithflorida.com(Please sign in below here as well).  Those who stay overnight on Friday will be able to join the Orlando People's Climate March on April 29, in support of the People's Climate March in Washington.  Concerned individuals from all faith and ethical communities are invited to attend.  Climate change needs many voices to speak out about allocation of funding, legislation, and policy at all levels of government. Active projects are already underway in Southeast Florida and on Florida’s West Coast (See Special 2016-2017 project). Together we can plan for the future, address fracking, carbon numbers, fresh water issues, sea level rise and saltwater intrusion on the coasts.  Together we can promote renewable energy, improved agricultural practices, sustainable communities, socially responsible investing, and earth awareness, as we expand our UU faith-based efforts on climate change. 

  • Special 2016-2017 Project:        

UU Justice Florida received a grant from the UU Funding Program for eight UU fellowships in Florida to partner with residents of vulnerable communities to educate residents about how to protect their health as climate change increases, to document the residents’ adaptation concerns and recommendations, and to communicate that information to relevant local planning staff and public officials.  This is an ambitious project of increasing importance as climate change affects Florida.  Thanks to all who contributed to our Faithify campaign. See www.reacttoolkit.net for the latest progress.