UU Justice Florida Legislative Days 2019

Date: 11-Mar-2019



PLEASE REMEMBER:  Each person must register separately

Unitarian Universalist Justice Florida Legislative Days are coming!  Monday and Tuesday, March 11-12, 2019, we’ll be bringing the voice of Unitarian Universalist values to the state legislative halls in Tallahassee.

Breaking news!  Some members of Indivisible groups around Florida are interested in joining us for our UUJF Legislative Days.  Heads up to all UUs!  Please register ASAP so we can see how many spots are still open for Monday night. We had 42 UU attendees in each of the past two years. Capacity is 50.



New:  Addition for 2019: Pre-conference Q&A Discussion and Orientation 3-5 PM at the Tallahassee church, 2810 N. Meridian Road:
o  Process for filing legislation, committee referrals and votes
o  Bills currently in play with talking points
o  Capitol Orientation
o  Lobbying techniques (from Indivisible Guide)

New: Enhanced Strategies for passage of bills in the 2019 Legislative Session
During the 2018 Legislative Session, UUJF members supported 60 bills that were never placed on agendas for committees to which they were referred for hearings.  As a result, none were heard or passed.  This year the UUJF Board has endorsed a plan that encourages members of UU congregations to schedule pre-session meetings in January or February with their House and Senate elected officials, in their local offices, individually or with other UUs.  This will be an opportunity to establish personal relationships with legislators and introduce UUJF and its core issues.  Click on the above links to contact your Representative and Senator and make appointments.

Print this handout which contains a detailed listing of UUJF core positions for legislation to be enacted and leave it with your legislators and staff.

As new legislation is filed, UUJF supporters will receive targeted email Action Alerts with talking points and contact information.  You will be encouraged to phone or email your Representative and/or Senator and ask appropriate Committee chairs and members to schedule these bills for hearings and voted.

For an up-to-date status of all bills UUJF is following click on this Tracker Link.

Zip + 4 is needed to target UUJF Action Network e-blasts to members residing in Legislative Districts of those who represent them. Please SIGN UP here if you have not yet provided your ZIP + 4 address code.  Don't know your +4?  Find it here.

Our regular Legislative Days begin at the UU Church of Tallahassee, 2810 N. Meridian Road, Tallahassee 32312 at 5:00 PM on Monday, March 11. Be sure to allow enough travel time to reach the church, since this is rush hour in Tallahassee, and the 2019 Legislative Session will be in progress!

Welcoming beverages and hors d’oeuvres will greet you on arrival at 5:00 PM. Dinner will be served at 5:30 PM, to be ready for our Legislative Program and Tuesday planning from 6:30-9:00 PM.  UUJF will pay for the reception and dinner at the UU Church of Tallahassee, and overnight hotel at the Days Inn near the shuttle to the Capitol, as our gift to all UUs who make the effort to come to Tallahassee and lobby with us as part of our UU Justice Florida Action Network on Tuesday.  Non-UUs can join us and pay for their own hotel room, but be sure to register as early as possible and mention you are with our group so you can reserve the room at our discounted group rate. Included in the evening programming will be information about the layout of the Capitol, our state legislature, and strategies for lobbying. (The 3-5:00 PM Discussion and Orientation is for those who can arrive early and want extra time to discuss the bills in play.)

MAIN PROGRAM: 6:30-9:00 PM by UUJF board members

Review and update of UU Justice Florida:

o  The Pulse of UUJF
o  2018 Accomplishments
o  Reports from those who participated in pre-session meetings with their local representatives
o  Recognition of contributing congregations --at $1.00/member and/or Share the Plate
o  A call for volunteers for UUJF (communications, fundraising, Board, outreach to congregations...)
o  Is a paid Administrator needed?

 Legislative program and Tuesday planning:
o Overview of the Capitol
o Bills in play
o Plans for meetings with legislators (no one will go alone)
o Lobbying techniques


On Tuesday morning, March 12, as representatives of the UU Justice Florida Action Network, we will be in the State Capitol pressing our case.  We will provide handouts to take to your legislators on several bills.
The bills we are tracking fall under our core issues of Environmental Justice, Democracy in Action, and Public Health and Safety.  These core issues are described in detail on our website www.uujusticefl.org.

Click on our UUJF Legislation Tracker here to see to which committees, bills you may be concerned about are heading.  NOTE: You DO NOT NEED to study the tracker!  UUJF board member David Johnson is doing that for us daily, and will narrow the choice of bills for us JUST to a few of those still "in play" by end of business Friday, January 19.  Those are the ones for which we can actually make an impact!  Each of us will be given a single sheet on each of three bills to share with our legislators.  

(This process will be streamlined, efficient and even easier than last year.)

If you bring additional information on bills you are following, make sure your handouts are concise (ONE PAGE MAX), make enough copies for all (we will have the final count of attendees by Friday, March 8) and leave space for us to give our contact information at the bottom

Right after you register for Legislative Days,
1. Email info@uujusticefl.org with the name of your State representative and Senator
2. Meet with them in their home office if possible PRIOR to Legislative Days.  It is beneficial to get acquainted ahead of time.
2. Call your Representative and Senator to make an appointment to see them or one of their staff members in their Tallahassee office, Tuesday, March 12.  --and email info@uujusticefl.org with the information, so we can chart all the appointments so others can join you if possible. People from several different congregations may have the same Representative or Senator.  You need appointments in advance.  No one will go alone to their meetings.  If a group is coming from your location, have ONE person make the appointments.


Our UUJF core issues in 2018-2019 are Environmental Justice, Democracy in Action, and Public Health and Safety. Many issues fall in these three broad areas.  We will have the latest updates on several bills we can best impact in our short time in Tallahassee. In the meantime, we encourage you to visit your state and federal legislators in their district offices to voice your concerns about issues of concern to you. The motto for the year is SHOW UP!   If they don’t hear from us, they just hear from corporate lobbyists. 


Ride sharing: If you need a ride, so indicate on the form below, and we shall try to put you in touch with others with whom you can share a ride.  If you can help with transportation, please let us know.


For UUs attending from around the state, UUJF will pay for your room for the night of Monday, March 11 at the Days Inn, 3100 Apalachee Parkway. That is our investment in YOU for making the effort. Our non-UU guests from around the state are welcome to join us and pay the discounted rate we receive. 

1) Fill in all information on the form below.

2) Check the box if you will arrive for the 3-5 PM Discussion and Orientation

3) Bring your Side of Love or Standing on the Side of Love T-Shirt (or borrow one if you don’t have your own)!  We will wear them in the Capitol on Tuesday morning!  The visual impact of our LOVE SHIRTS is positive. (If necessary, you can wear an open jacket over the shirt, but the more visibility of Side of Love, the better!)  SSL T-shirts can be ordered from the UUA bookstore here: http://www.uuabookstore.org/Standing-on-the-Side-of-Love-C1307.aspx

2) Call your State Senator's and State Representative's office to make an appointment for Tuesday morning, March 12, and email info@uujusticefl.org with the appointment times.

Find your State Senator at www.flsenate.gov

Find your State Representative at www.myfloridahouse.gov

Call Kindra at 941-266-8278 should you have any questions.

Thanks for being part of our Florida UUJF Legislative Days 2019!

These are just some of the 40+ UUs from 12 congregations in Florida who attended our Legislative Days in March, 2017:
We had 42 registered for the 2018 Legislative Days, but could not round them all up at one time for the Tuesday morning 8:00 AM group photo in the Capitol, so here's the photo from 2017!!

See you in Tallahassee in March!